Six common challenges to using video content and how to push through them

An impactful video content strategy for businesses is now a must-have, not a nice to have. So if video content is such an essential part of today’s marketing mix, and the appetite is there, why do some businesses still hit obstacles in rolling out a content strategy? Here we look at six common challenges we hear about when companies explore a video content strategy and our thoughts on pushing through these perceived barriers to entry.

Content is perceived as expensive.

Not every content campaign needs a six-figure budget to reach and impact your target audience. Depending on what the goals of your strategy are, there are ways to align budgets with results. For example, regularly published video content (assets) not only drives awareness but conversion as well. However, this means you need to produce a high quantity of assets. Working with content creators that can scale output often results in a lower cost per unit, and the results can significantly benefit your budgets.

We have the content, but where shall we put it?

It’s one thing having the most incredible piece of video content, but getting it seen, engaged with, and a call to action taken up is a whole different proposition. Distributing your content across key channels using best practice digital publishing techniques will give your content the best chance to be consumed by its intended audience. You can also re-version the original or existing assets to work across multiple channels, broadening your campaign reach while maintaining consistency and maximising efficiency. But, again, knowing your target audience is essential and should drive your distribution strategy.

Managing the work is time-consuming.

The appetite to roll out content is there, as often is the know-how, but it is the practical challenge of managing this new workstream that is the hurdle. A video expert may not also be an expert in images and an expert in distribution. The world of content is full of ambiguities and almost endless options. Speaking the language of content across various asset production and distribution channels will allow you to maximise your time, budget and results. At Kaptura, we have a broad range of expertise, with over 20 years of experience in video production and marketing. We’re able to tap into our deep network of specialist suppliers, where we can solve the nuanced challenges of content for our clients in the fastest and smoothest way.

Limited internal resources and know-how.

Sometimes the issue isn’t time management but freeing up any resource to even explore a content strategy in the first place. From content production to publishing, advertising and distribution strategies, things move and change quickly; it is a big ask for even the most conscientious team members to be an expert in something that isn’t part of their day-to-day. Investing in training and development should be encouraged, but that doesn’t always solve the core issue – existing team members are maxed out, with zero capacity to look above the horizon and take on new or additional workstreams. As a plug and play service, Kaptura offers benefits often associated with in-house resources. Our model embeds a consultant into your team for a period of time to get the project completed, providing full transparency and peace of mind; your budgets will be fully leveraged, delivering results with impact. 

Process of finding the right partner(s) is tricky.

From internal RFP or procurement processes through to hundreds of vendors offering the same service, finding the best partner for you to work with can be daunting. Using a trusted network that can recommend brilliant people to work with is often a successful first step, but what if that leaves you staring at a brick wall still? At Kaptura, one of the benefits we bring to clients is taking the hassle and risk out of this process. By being highly aligned with our client’s strategy and requirements, we use our trusted network to match the right content producers and partners that will work for each businesses’ unique and individual needs. As a result, we ensure that there is a culture fit, the deliverables will have impact, and budgets are maximised.

Disconnect between strategy, tactics and culture when working with multiple vendors.

Each business has its own culture, an overarching strategy with multiple stakeholders and communication styles. Plugging in multiple vendors located in various offices, each with their way of working, can cause pain points. Taking the time to onboard vendors and agencies is also key to a successful relationship. There will need to be the generosity of time to make this work, but the results will be hugely beneficial. I like to think no one wakes up and decides to cause problems that day, so holding this true and based on a relationship of transparency, candidness, and hopefully trust, any challenges that occur should be worked through as efficiently as possible. At Kaptura, we embed into our client’s team and soak up the culture, which allows us to join the dots on our client’s behalf when bringing on and managing vendors.