5 tips for social media video content

While many of us watch social media videos in our spare time, some of us watch them between meetings, while waiting in line at a shops, or on public transport. Even if people do have time to watch hours of video, there’s so much out there that they’ll want to scroll to more content immediately after the video starts.

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Stop random acts of content

The number one reason for content marketing fails is ‘random acts of content’. Everyone is creating content; we feel like we have to. We make content without any real thought into who this content is for and what the objective is. Instead of continuously reinventing the wheel, we want you to create less content and make each piece of content more compelling.

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5 reasons you need video to boost your SEO

If you need one reason why you should create video content for your business or brand, think search engine optimisation. Not only is SEO the foundation of your entire online marketing presence, but it’s also proven to have a direct impact on your bottom line by increasing engagement, conversions, and your revenue. In fact, video collateral has far more influence on your SEO than you probably realise.

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